CAD & Mapping


CAD & Mapping


In the mission-critical environment, the ability to share information and coordinate resources is vital. By adding our CAD and mapping solutions to VESTA or Sentinel workstations, PSAPs can expedite emergency response and improve operational efficiencies. These fully integrated applications include CAD, police records management and field reporting, representing some of the most sophisticated, reliable and widely used technologies in public safety.

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A map-centric application delivering incident data directly to the desktop enabling call takers to track every resource, view premise history, access supplemental information. Information is provided on demand, operator performance is instantly enhanced and response capabilities are dramatically improved.


A comprehensive, web-based MIS that takes incident management to the next level. It allows personnel to view agency workload resources in real-time, monitor pending events and retrieve unit and incident summaries.


A fully integrated mobile data component featuring robust mobile data workstations designed from the ground up to be a complete solution for AVL and mobile data access with seamless data integration and interoperability with ORION ARIES.


A comprehensive and scalable mapping solution designed to work in tandem with VESTA, or as an adjunct to third-party CAD and CPE. Built on a powerful Microsoft Windows and ESRI platform, ORION MapStar offers a configurable interface and convenient toolbar for instant access and processing of incident information.


Provides multiple configurable map views, access rights based on user login, and many improved user controls for map navigation and external accessibility. ORION Vela also provides for on-the-fly measurement unit conversion and includes built-in support of ESRI-compliant Shapefiles and Personal Geodatabases.