Data Managment & Analytics

Data Managment & Analytics


Managing call center data is a necessary, but sometimes overwhelming task, especially when call volumes are high and resources are limited. We offer a full range of solutions designed for the tracking and reporting of call, call taker and PSAP data, as well as real-time monitoring and ANI storage. Widely used throughout the industry, these comprehensive MIS offerings are highly beneficial, cost-effective additions to any call center.

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Has the ability to filter call data based on call taker and console activity, date and time, ANI, ALI, TTY, notes and other call related characteristics. MagIC integrates with VESTA systems, ORION MapStar and CERES AudioRegister digital logging recorders.


A DLR and retrieval system designed to record from four-to-144 channels per unit and is scalable to provide multiple units featuring hundreds of channels. Archived data is saved on a single or dual DVD for future use.

Sentinel ALI

Sentinel® ALI is an enhanced database designed to provide the emergency call taker with information on the 9-1-1 caller. From a wireline call, the call taker is provided with standard caller information. With a wireless caller, Sentinel ALI is used to store and forward information to and from the cellular provider for delivery to the call center, most likely to include Calling Party Number (CPN), cell tower, carrier and X&Y coordinates.


A self-contained, CPE independent, server-based solution that provides secure and reliable management of enhanced ALI, allowing organizations to control, maintain and/or utilize specific databases of location information.


A real-time management tool allowing administrators to easily monitor, join or take control of any call within the VESTA network. It provides immediate notification of supervisors should an incoming call ring too long or an outgoing call exceeds a certain time threshold.

CERES AudioRegister Elite/Premier

These solutions provide a standardized platform, which may be configured to meet any size mission-critical call center. They are streamlined DLR systems designed to meet the unique requirements of both the small and large call center.

ORION DataSync

ORION DataSync synchronizes map data across LAN/WAN whenever data is updated, saving time and money.