Managed Services

Managed Services


We offer a comprehensive suite of Managed Services to ensure the highest availability of the 911 call center. Although most of our customers understand the value of pro-active monitoring and response, many 911 call centers believe they are immune from other security threats because they are not directly connected to the Internet. Our Managed Services portfolio of monitoring and response, patch management, virus protection, and disaster recovery is specifically designed for today’s 911 call center.

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Monitoring and Response

Monitoring and Response (formerly referred to as Mission Control) is PlantCML’s remote monitoring service. Enabling this service will prompt PlantCML’s SMC to begin continuous monitoring of each approved device at your site.

Virus Protection

The Virus Protection service provides anti-virus software and virus definition updates to Windows-based PlantCML servers and workstations. Even though many emergency call center deployments are self-contained networks without an Internet connection, their networks are still vulnerable to viruses.

Patch Management

The Patch Management service automatically updates Windows-based PlantCML servers and workstations with Microsoft software patches (these mostly consist of security patches). Consistently updating systems with software patches plays an important role in maintaining security.

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery service provides an automatic backup of the entire contents of the hard drives of Windows-based servers and workstations within a call center. Backups are typically scheduled to be performed on a weekly basis, and are designed to have no adverse affects on the call center’s operation. System backups are saved to the Network Management Server (NMS) located at the site.