Profile® Advanced Console System


Profile® Advanced Console System


Profile's flexible design and versatility has made it the perfect ergonomic Flat Panel Display Console for a variety of work applications and environments, including:

  • 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers
  • Emergency Operations
  • Incident Command
  • Medical Imaging Reading Rooms
  • Network Operations
  • Process Control
  • Security
  • Traffic Management
  • Trading Floors
  • And, other mission-critical command and control environments

Profile's unique core design can be configured for either single- or double-sided workstations and can be stacked for applications consisting of a large number of flat panel displays. Our space-efficient core connector permits a variety of angled configurations from comfortable cockpit viewing of monitoring equipment to shared workstation platforms. Manual and electronic height-adjustable worksurfaces are also popular offerings for this ergonomic furniture system.

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