Vehicle Lighting


Vehicle Lighting


For over 30 years, TOMAR Electronics, Inc. has engineered, designed, and manufactured highly reliable and extremely efficient strobe light systems, and are very proud to offer the law enforcement community the highest visible and highest quality strobe light systems in the marketplace.

Our most popular Tomar police emergency lighting products are shown here on our web site: Self-Contained Lights, Remote Lightheads, Lightbars. If you don't see the Tomar products you are looking for, please contact us.

Integrated Communications Inc. specializes in the Tomar police lighting products, but we can also make available all Tomar Electronics warning light systems for fire & rescue, industrial, and towing.

The Tomar Police Light

The Tomar Police Light is a fully self-contained unit featuring a 3" x 7" rectangular lamp. The Police Light is available in single strobe, double strobe, strobe with flashing halogen, or strobe with steady burn halogen. The Police Light is provided with an on/off switch as well as a 9' coil cord and cigar plug with an LED power indication.

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PL37HS Flashing Halogen & Strobe (shown with optional suction cup mount)


PL37SS Dual Strobe


PL37SBHS Steady Burn Halogen & Strobe (shown with optional suction cup mount)


PL37S Single Strobe

Provided with an on/off switch and tri-suction cup mount, as well as a 9' coil cord and cigar plug with an LED power indicator.


CP-01 Cigar Plug Receptacle

PL-37-SC Suction Cup Mount

Remote Lightheads

The Tomar model UC (undercover) and WS (windshield) remote assemblies are furnished with your choice of halogen or strobe lamp and 15 foot cable. The halogen version has an optional flasher that can be installed inside the fixture. These fixtures are manufactured out of black ABS which makes the assemblies very light weight, perfect for mounting in squad cars.

  • Strobe units require 1 or 2 outlets on a power supply.
  • Available in Amber, Blue, Clear or Red.


The Blade Low Profile LED Lightbar

TOMAR's advanced design and cutting-edge innovation shines through once again with the introduction of The BladeT Low-Profile Lightbar.

Featuring NEOBE® Lighting

The Look of Neon with the Power of Strobe

NEOBE® is a completely new form of light technology and unlike any other light technology of the past. NEOBE® has the look of neon and the power of strobe. Just as halogen lights of the 1970's outperformed the outdated incandescent rotator technology of the 1950's.

NEOBE's technology is setting the standards for a new era in light technology, performance and longevity for the millenium and perhaps decades to follow.

NEOBE® does not flash a xenon lamp like a traditional strobe power supply does, so stress on the lamp is greatly reduced and longevity is increased by approximately 50%.


930N-4805 Heliobe Lightbar

Tomar's "Never Dark" lightbar provides 360° coverage and is the most visible, durable lightbar ever devised for public safety use!


930L Series HELIOS LED Lightbar

Revolutionary optical design and state-of-the-art LED technology.


930NH-4805 Heliobe Lightbar

A combination of Strobe and Halogen lamps for a cost-effective solution.