APX™ 4500 P25 Mobile Radio


APX™ 4500 P25 Mobile Radio


P25 Operation| Single Band Operation | O2 Control Head Support| Affordable P25 Solution


Be Better Equipped To Be Mission Ready

A downed power line or the city transit system coming to a halt during rush hour, when the unexpected strikes, you must interoperate seamlessly and securely with other agencies and responders - often across multiple Project 25 (P25) systems. You need to instantly connect and be informed to make better decisions and respond effectively. While the advanced technology of APX™ radios expertly equips you for the unexpected, your organization may be challenged to improve operating expenses.

That's where the APX 4500 P25 mobile radio fits the bill perfectly. It delivers all the benefits of TDMA technology in a compact P25 capable mobile. The APX 4500 brings together powerful technology in an easy-to-use radio that's easy on your budget. It seamlessly unifies public works, utility, rural public safety and transportation users to first responders so they can communicate effectively in the moments that matter.

Product Features:

Integrated GPS Capable, Integrated Encryption Hardware, Intelligent Lighting, Radio Profiles, Unified Call List, Meets Applicable MIL-STD 810C, D, E, F, G, Ships Standard IP56.

Systems Supported:

Trunking standards supported:

  • Clear or digital encrypted ASTRO®25 Trunked Operation
  • Capable of SmartZone®, SmartZone Omnilink, SmartNet®
  • Capable of P25 Phase 2 - TDMA

Analog MDC-1200 and Digital APCO P25 Conventional

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