APX™ 7000XE P25 Portable Radio


APX™ 7000XE P25 Portable Radio


25 Operation | Multiband Operation | Extreme Ergonomics | Rugged Specifications


The Most Advanced, Ultra-Rugged Radio

Motorola has taken safety to the extreme with the APX™ 7000XE - their most advanced, rugged radio with innovative features designed by first responders for first responders in extreme environments.

Motorola created an ergonomically superior radio that is easy to operate, with glove-friendly controls and a large top display. Significantly louder and clearer audio so that every word is heard. A mission critical multiband, multi-protocol radio so seamless, you can be confident communications are interoperable. Focus on the task, not the technology, with a high-performance radio that stands out in the toughest conditions.

Product Features:

Shielded Push-to-Talk Button, Exaggerated Controls, Optimized T-Grip, Textured Housing, Enlarged Top Display, X-Large Emergency Button, Dual Microphones, 1 Watt Speaker, AMBE Vocoder, Extreme Audio Profile, Multiband Operation, Integrated GPS, Encryption, Intelligent Lighting, Radio Profiles.

Systems Supported:

Trunking standards supported:

  • Clear or digital encrypted ASTRO®25 Trunked Operation
  • Capable of SmartZone®, SmartZone Omnilink, SmartNet®
  • Capable of P25 Phase 2 - TDMA

Analog MDC-1200 and Digital APCO P25 Conventional

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