Motorola MC3000 Deskset Controller


Motorola MC3000 Deskset Controller


The MC3000 Digital Desktop Controller is available for local configurations and can control all standard radio functions of Motorola’s ASTRO Digital Consolette, MSC 2000 Model III Control Station, iDEN M470 (LM3000), or CDM 1550 Series Radios.

One small, powerful deskset gives a world of flexibility:

  • One model controls any one of the above radios and can be changed as the radio changes.
  • All of the buttons from the radio are duplicated on the deskset with customized labels, so a customer who is familiar with the radio can easily use the deskset.
  • Pick your audio accessory – handset, headset, footswitch, and deskmic are all compatible.
  • Up to 31 units can operate in parallel for multiple dispatch operations.
  • No RSS is required.


MC3000 Deskset Controller Features

Supervisory Takeover

The unit designated as supervisor is given priority over all other MC3000 Controllers, allowing priority messages to get through.


Allows desktop controllers to communicate with, and monitor other remotes without keying the radio channel. Operators can have conversations without disturbing field users.

Automatic Line Leveling

Compensates for variations in the phone line and squelches background noise. Maintains clear, consistent volume levels without manual adjustment.

Parallel Status Updating

All parallel controllers are automatically updated when any single controller changes status. All users have the ability of monitoring the current system status.

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