Motorola MINITOR V Pager


Motorola MINITOR V Pager


While many businesses and organizations have no need to use pagers, when every second counts, the immediacy of a pager can allow instantaneous delivery of a message in ways that no other can. Motorola’s Minitor V is an amazing piece that will surely deliver for you in those critical moments.

Motorola MINITOR V Pager

Two-Tone Voice Pager

The Motorola MINITOR V two-tone voice pager is ideal for fire departments
as well as businesses and other organizations that must react quickly in times of emergency.
Its customizable options and dependable reception make it ideal in any rapid- response situation.

Features: Wide and narrow-band programmable channel spacing available · Expanded stored voice
· Silent scan (Dual-frequency model) · Scans both channels silently, alerts on either channel · Priority scan
(Dual-frequency model) · 12 alert tones per channel · Programmable Alerts · Function mode announcement (Stored
Voice option) · Certified for hazardous locations

Specifications: Frequency Range: Low band (33 – 49MHz), VHF Band A (143-152MHz), Band B (153-162MHz), Band
C (163-174MHz); UHF Band A (450-459MHz), Band B (460-470MHz) · Meets MIL-STD 810E, Procedures 1 for driving
rain · Standard Warranty: 1 Year

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