Motorola MIP 5000


Motorola MIP 5000


When your success depends on efficiency and responsiveness – like needing immediate feedback on production requirements or timely coordination from management to foreman – you can depend on the MIP 5000 radio console to keep your staff connected with clear, effective, economizing communications. Designed for the multi-campus corporate manufacturer, university campus site, hotel complex or remote construction field office, Motorola’s MIP 5000 deployable VoIP radio console provides an easy and affordable way to manage communications without delay anywhere a network connection is available.

The powerful radio over IP dispatch console application works with all your existing equipment, connecting to any radio to assure that important information gets where it needs to go without interruption. The simple yet elegant solution works on a standard computer, quickly installs in a Windows environment, removes the need for expensive dispatch position cabling requirements and streamlines audio communications, operating via a microphone, a screen and a mouse. Wherever deployed, this efficient, network enabled console helps lower the cost of ownership by eliminating the need for expensive lease lines while assuring continuous, high quality communication.

Focused on the needs of small dispatch, MIP 5000 is designed to manage up to 8 simultaneous talk paths (channels) and provide access from as many as 100 dispatch points. Wherever deployed, this network-enabled radio console helps to assure continuous, high-quality communication and is an affordable alternative to more hardware intensive dispatch solutions.

MIP 5000 VoIP Radio Console Features

Page History Window, Single button paging and Knox tones:

paging needed by many small fire departments
Drag and Drop Patching:

provides Interoperability between radios from different manufacturers
Supervisory Takeover:

gives override control to supervisors when the situation mandates
Instant Recall Recorder (option):

allows users to replay conversations in key situations
Acts as virtual control head for Motorola Radios:

giving access to proprietary features of Motorola radios from the desktop; Console Priority; Alias ID; Frequency Select; Emergency; Selective Call; Radio enable / disable

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