Motorola XPR 4580 Mobile Two-Way Radio


Motorola XPR 4580 Mobile Two-Way Radio


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Available in 800 / 900 MHz frequency bands, the XPR 4580 features an integrated GPS module, alpha-numeric display, four programmable buttons, large volume knob for ease of use and a powerful, front-projecting speaker.

Product Features:

Monochrome Display, Menu Navigation Buttons, Integrated GPS, Channel Up / Down Rocker, Expansion Card.

Systems Supported:

Analog Conventional, Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Connect Plus, LTR/PassPort, Linked Capacity Plus.

Models Available:

AAM27UMH9LB1AN 806-941 MHz, 10-35 Watts (800) /10-30 Watts (900), 1000 Channels

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