Motorola XPR 5350 Mobile Two-Way Radio


Motorola XPR 5350 Mobile Two-Way Radio


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Your Voice Just Got a Lot Stronger


Employee interactions are smarter and safer with this MOTOTRBO model that features a 2-digit numeric display, best-in-class sound, integrated Bluetooth audio, data and GPS.

Product Features:

Monochrome Display, Dual Purpose Volume / Channel Selector Knob, Integrated GPS, Bluetooth Audio and Data.

Systems Supported:

Analog Conventional, Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Connect Plus, Linked Capacity Plus.

Models Available:

AAM28JNC9KA1_N 136-174 MHz, 1-25Watts, 32 Channels
AAM28JQC9KA1_N 136-174 MHz, 25-45 Watts, 32 Channels
AAM28QNC9KA1_N 403-470 MHz, 1-25Watts, 32 Channels
AAM28QPC9KA1_N 403-470 MHz, 25-45 Watts, 32 Channels
AAM28TRC9KA1_N 450-512 MHz, 1-40 Watts, 32 Channels

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