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Our partnership with Motorola yields an ideal experience for every customer, every need, and every time.  Motorola two-way radios enable you to function in a safe and efficient manner, and provide you with increased productivity and flexibility, no matter the location of your job site.


TRBO™ Charge Your Mobile Business Communications with
TRBO™ Choice
or TRBO™ Choice PLUS


  • Outstanding Two-Way Radio Communications Coverage in East Tennessee
  • We provide everything you need
  • Clear Voice Clarity- Digital means no static
  • Digital Technology by Motorola
  • Enhanced Security versus Analog Communications
  • Applications for:
    • GPS Tracking

    • Text Messaging

  • Affordable/Attractive Return on Investment
  • Free Maintenance on Radios for 3 Years (non-abuse)

Plan Prices

  • TRBO™ Choice - $12 Monthly, per user (unlimited usage/no term contracts)
  • TRBO™ Choice PLUS - (includes data capabilities/requires radios with displays) $14 Monthly, per user (unlimited usage/no term contracts)


  • Hand-Held
    • Motorola XPR6350 – $775ea, plus tax
    • Motorola XPR6550 – $850ea, plus tax
  • In-Vehicle
    • Motorola XPR4350 – $775*ea, plus tax
    • Motorola XPR4550 – $875*ea, plus tax

*Includes antenna and vehicle installation


MOTOTRBO™ Integrated Data
Enables Advanced Applications

MOTOTRBO is changing the way businesses communicate.
You can gain the productivity of powerful data applications such as MOTOTRBO Location Services and Text Messaging Services now. And with additional applications coming from Motorola’s Application Developer Program, you’ll be able to leverage ongoing new capabilities – and get the most from your communications investment.

MOTOTRBO Location Services
Location Services provides the ability to track people and assets, such as vehicles. This advanced approach takes advantage of the GPS modem and receiver integrated within both the portable and mobile radios, combined with the MOTOTRBO Location Services software application.GPS-equipped portable and mobile radios can be configured to transmit their geographical coordinates at pre-programmed intervals, on demand and in case of an emergency. MOTOTRBO Location Services software applications provide dispatchers with a real-time display of fleet activity on a customized, high-resolution, color-coded map. With MOTOTRBO Location Services, you can enjoy the benefits of location tracking with no monthly fees or cumbersome external GPS devices to install and maintain.

Software Applications

Fleet Management

Includes commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, and trucks and provides the ability to track vehicles, plan optimum routes, fuel management, drive management and health and safety. Fleet management is all about improving the efficiency, managing cost, complying with government legislation and more.

Professional Fleet Management with Google™ Earth
hermesTRX is a plug-and-play cost effective real time GPS fleet management system using Google™ Earth as its mapping platform. It is configurable through a built-in Web server to track and manage vehicles, persons, assets and even pets by GPS enabled Motorola Radios. In addition to the location service, a text messaging facility and the processing of telemetry is provided.

Advanced Messaging and AVL Software for MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System
NeoTerra Systems is a provider of Fleet Management solutions for the MOTOTRBO two-way radio system. neoNytro functionality includes text messaging, location based services, telemetry and automatic registration services.
neoNytro is available in Standalone or Enterprise (Client/Server) versions.

SafeLocator MOTOTRBO is SafeMobile’s client-server solution for MOTOTRBO radios. SafeLocator on MOTOTRBO provides all the necessary means to effectively track and monitor mobile assets by adding the features and capabilities of the SafeDispatch software application to the functionality embedded in the radio. SafeDispatch is the client-hosted software application that enables customers to host and manage their display solution on their own computer without incurring any monthly fees associated with Web-based applications.

StreetTrek™ is a software solution for effective real-time tracking of vehicles, people or assets. StreetTrek utilizes popular GSM/GPRS hardware, including Enfora® MT-GL modems, and GPS-capable two-way radio models, including Motorola MOTOTRBO™ series radios. StreetTrek™ runs on its own, with no general-purpose browser like Internet Explorer involved. GPS data can be obtained from a local source or received over the Internet.


Metro Communications is the authority in Mass Notification Systems for a variety of applications. Top quality in products and service is the approach we take to our business and that is reflected in the systems we design and all the work that we do.

Our approach to mass notification marries a myriad of products in an effort to notify as many people within the area of concern as possible in a timely and effective manner.

Whelen Engineering manufactures outdoor warning sirens which can notify those in outdoor areas with tone and voice, with specific information immediately. Technology and the industry’s nomenclature (Tornado Sirens, Warning Sirens, Weather Sirens), has changed through the years, but one thing has remained constant.  These units can deliver a warning to large masses outdoors instantly, accurately and effectively.   

Additionally Whelen produces products for indoor notification.  Tone Alert Radios are a low cost and effective form of personal notification.  They can be implemented to receive emergency activations.  These could be used to notify a large number of people indoors (every household within a community), or a very specific group (administrators within public schools or college campuses).

This unique approach to Mass Notification makes Metro Communications uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of your public warning needs.

Mass Notification – Industry Solutions

  • Campus: Metro Communications offers the most effective and economical way to alert and inform an entire college campus.
  • Community: Metro Communications offers outdoor warning devices to add security to your community.
  • Industrial: Metro Communications offers high-powered voice and tone warning systems to alert employees and nearby residence of approaching danger.
  • Military: Metro Communications can provide effective emergency mass notification systems, giant voice systems for military applications.
  • Nuclear: Metro Communications will help fulfill government licensing requirements with on and offsite emergency response systems.

Data / Video Solutions

GPS Vehicle Tracking

With global positioning satellite (GPS) technology you can manage vehicles whenever and wherever you like. You can locate the closest vehicle to a new job, verify vehicle stops, and keep track of customer visits. GPS systems also help you dispatch more effectively by using fleet maps and driving directions.

Find out more about our GPS vehicle tracking solutions.


Motorola SCADA RTU (Remote Terminal Unit-ACE3600) can be used to transmit and receive data for a variety of applications. Metro Communications is one of a few dealers across the country that hold the “Value Added Reseller” agreement to represent all of Motorola’s SCADA solutions.

Video Surveillance

Metro Communications is a leading provider of video surveillance and security equipment.

Wireless Broadband

Metro Communications is a leading provider of wireless broadband solutions. We have wireless broadband solutions available from Motorola.


The Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of Wireless Broadband Solutions

Whether you need to deploy a whole new network or extend an existing network to new locations, new users or new subscribers, MOTOwi4™ solutions bring you up to high speed in the right way. And right away.

The MOTOwi4 portfolio of integrated wireless broadband solutions empowers you to capture, connect, communicate and control IP-based voice, video and data in real time both indoors and outdoors. It enables you to provide fixed, portable, nomadic and mobile applications. Equally important, deployment can be accomplished in days, not weeks or months.


Assure Instant Communication With Two-Way Radio Call Boxes

Added Safety and Convenience in Remote Locations
Communicate Without Wires or Monthly Operating Fees

Whether used within a corporation or college campus, recreational area, shopping center or transportation system, Call Boxes provide a swift and reliable way for employees, visitors and customers to communicate to a monitoring station. Two-way based Call Boxes, designed by Connectivity, allow for integration into most existing radio systems and provide direct access to personnel connected to the system. Connectivity's design allows for expansion of security coverage and can help improve response time without the need for additional personnel. Call Boxes provide an affordable and reliable way to communicate with and secure the most remote locations. Not only can Connectivity's Call Boxes integrate into most existing two-way radio systems, but they are also upgradeable should a user's radio frequency change. Built-in voice chips give audible instructions to users requiring assistance, and each unit has an automatic Call Box ID and location identifier so responding personnel can provide aid.

Motorola Call Boxes allow for integration into most existing radio systems and provide direct access to personnel connected to the system. Allows for expansion of security coverage and can help improve response time without the need for additional personnel. Includes a voice instruction message for the user, automatic call box ID and user location identifiers, a courtesy light, easy push-to-talk operation, a silent tamper alert broadcast to security, low battery alert, 40-day standby battery capacity, one 12-volt, 12 amp/hour rechargeable battery, call box keys and tamper resistant screw bits.

All Connectivity Call Boxes Include:

  • Voice Instruction Message for User
  • Automatically Announces Call Box ID and User Location
  • Courtesy Light
  • Easy Push-to-talk Operation
  • Silent Tamper Alert Broadcast to Security
  • Low Battery Alert
  • 40-day Standby Battery Capacity
  • One 12 Volt, 12 Amp/Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • Call Box Keys and Tamper-resistant Screw Bits
  • 1-Year Warranty on Call Box; 5-Year Warranty on Solar Panel Communicate

Benefits of Motorola Call Boxes

Enhance Security on Campus And In Parking Lots

Just opening the Call Box door or pressing the button on models without a door will enable instant, reliable notification (ID and location) to one individual or to a team of security and emergency personnel. Automatic audible instructions help guide users... step-by-step. And crystal-clear, two-way voice or voice and visual communication enables responding personnel to quickly assess the user's needs. Vandalism has been addressed with a tamper-alert, which will only be heard by designated staff when triggered. Input and output connectors are accessible for expansion peripherals such as lights, camera, motion, smoke, gas, water detection devices and gate entry.

Increased Revenue

Resorts, golf and tennis clubs, theme parks, and even restaurants without drive-up windows can offer their patrons the convenience of a Call Box. Users will be able to place drink and lunch orders, make dinner reservations at the clubhouse, or call for service.


In the event of a disaster, Call Box portability will allow units to be deployed at a moment's notice to command posts of medical, fire/paramedic, security, military and emergency planning and relief agencies. Following a disaster, they can be tactically placed in remote and inaccessible areas as the critical link between people. Features include the ability to quickly change messages to suit temporary language requirements.

A "Must Have" In Every Community.



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