The Key Differentiator

Our 25 years of experience and dedication to excellence brings value to our customers. This value lies in our ability to offer the most complete array of services available, including: local support, value analysis, program management, system integration, coverage studies, financial services, and our support center.



The Ability to Solve Problems, Immediately

We keep a massive inventory of products & parts on-hand. This is due to our dedication to timely repairs for our customers. It’s rare that we can’t resolve a problem immediately because parts must be ordered and shipped. It cannot be overstated how important this convenience has been for our patrons. This also allows us to predict and manipulate your current system to be able to handle special cases that would typically yield spikes in activity that would task a system beyond its capabilities.

For those who experience temporary or cyclical increases in activity, or have special events that would overpower your system, we often can prepare your existing system to be able to handle the added load instead of proposing that you purchase a completely new system. Other situations in which this capability would prove valuable are for emergency response teams, disaster relief organizations, or emergency efforts between teams. We have the experience and ability to step into the situation, quickly analyze the communication systems present, and bring them all into one communication network in order to best equip the response teams with the technology they need.



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