TRBO Charge Your Mobile Business Communications
TRBO Choice or TRBO Choice PLUS


  • Outstanding Two-Way Radio Communications Coverage in East Tennessee
  • We Provide Everything You Need
  • Clear Voice Clarity - Digital means no static
  • Digital Technology by Motorola
  • Enhanced Security Versus Analog Communications
  • Applications for GPS Tracking and Text Messaging
  • Affordable/Attractive Return on Investment
  • Free Maintenance on Radios for 3 Years [non-abuse]

Why Metro Communications for Your Wireless Communications

Metro Communications has been selling and servicing two-way radios in East Tennessee since 1985. Our business reputation is built on providing outstanding customer service.

MOTOTRBO is Motorola's digital two-way offering and is based on TDMA technology, a digital communications standard. Metro Communications' MOTOTRBO Installation sits atop Greentop Mountain, which allows outstanding coverage of East Tennessee, whether you choose a hand-held or a vehicle-mounted radio.

There radios may be purchased, or you may choose an economical lease-purchase option. Either way, the increased productivity and efficiency you experience should quickly demonstrate a positive return on your investment within a short period of time. Demo units are available.