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Motorola BPR40D Accessories

The Power of Your Radio Unleashed

Simple, clear voice communication is a "must have" for your operation. Motorola’s radio portfolio is renowned for clearly better connections and workforce collaborations. Motorola realizes that to help you excel in your job you need accessories that match the performance of your Motorola radios - that truly fit your work environment. When you use our accessories with your radios, you are simply more efficient, and safer.

That’s why it’s important to use Motorola Original® accessories for your Motorola BPR40d Portable Radio. They’re the only ones designed, built and tested with your Motorola radio to optimize its performance. Only Motorola accessories unleash the full power of radio.

Combine Motorola’s best-in-class radios with Motorola accessories to achieve even greater efficiency and cost savings. Together, you’ll rethink what’s an accessory - and what’s a necessity.

Contact us with any questions you may have on the accessories listed below.


Motorola PMAE4020


Mag One UHF 450-470 MHz Stubby Antenna

Motorola PMAE4104




Motorola PMNN4075


Li-ion High Capacity 1500 mAh Battery

7.2V, 1500 mAh, Li-ion, 12month warranty

Motorola Mag One high capacity battery for the BPR40d. 25% more capacity than the standard battery and it uses li-ion chemistry to give you 20% more talk time with less weight. Belt clip not included.

Carry Accessories

Motorola PMLN4743


Mag One 2" Spring Belt Clip


Motorola 25009297001


Power Adapter


Motorola PMLN6531


Ear Receiver with In-Line Mic/PTT/VOX Switch (Mag One)


Motorola PMLN6542


Mag One Ultra-Lite Headset, behind-the-head, adjustable with boom microphone and in-line push-to-talk

Remote Speaker Mics

Motorola PMMN4092


Remote Speaker Microphone - Mag One

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