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Security Dispatch Solutions

Ally Security Dispatch Solutions

Private security dispatchers require a reliable, user-friendly software solution to efficiently provide responding personnel with the information needed to handle calls for service. The Ally platform features comprehensive online security dispatch software that allows both in-house and contract security organizations to dispatch new calls for service, manage multiple calls at once, and provide up-to-date information on each call to the responding personnel.

Complete System Integration

Spillman Ally provides complete integration throughout the software, offering both private security dispatch and response personnel with the information they need to respond effectively to calls for service, including data on locations, vehicles, complainants, and more. This integration allows personnel to use the information stored in their organization’s Ally portal to create comprehensive, accurate reports, with timestamps, comments, and more funneling directly from the dispatch screens to the incident management screens.

Intuitive Design

Ally features a simple, intuitive user interface that allows personnel to quickly learn and become comfortable using it, even with little or no previous experience with security dispatching software. When creating a new call, Ally provides security dispatchers with a clear and organized outline of the information they need to input. The user-friendly design can help security organizations streamline their data entry process and reduce the likelihood of errors without requiring excessive time or resources be spent on software training.


Personnel can use Ally’s dispatching tools to easily and efficiently create and manage new calls for service.

Accurate Personnel Locations

The Dispatch Management software provides private security dispatchers with the ability to easily view and track the last known locations of personnel within their assigned premises from the dispatch screen. This functionality within Ally allows the dispatcher to increase efficiency by assigning calls to nearby personnel.

Comprehensive, Searchable Records

Ally enables private security dispatchers to record all relevant call information on a single record, rather than needing to manually create multiple logs. Users can then access the single log to view a comprehensive call history, complete with comments and timestamps. Because of Ally’s system integration, all call data can also be easily searched for using keywords.

Built-In Mobility

Spillman Ally is a web-based security dispatch software system, which allows personnel to access their organization’s portal and records from any device with an internet connection, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This mobility not only benefits responding personnel in the field, who can access and create data without unnecessary trips back to the office, but also enables management to easily check in and keep up to date on active calls on the go.

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