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Motorola ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit

Motorola ACE3600

Secure, Real-Time Process Automation And Robust Communication

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are continuously relied on to support the most demanding industrial applications and keep your operations running efficiently. Keep your assets connected to enhance productivity and safety across your operations with the ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

The ACE3600 aims to make automation and monitoring of your complex processes robust and cohesive by connecting across a variety of communication media and data processing protocols. Enhanced security features also ensure your operations aren’t compromised and productivity doesn’t cease.

Modular design and abundant customization enable the ACE3600 to fit your specific SCADA needs. You can start small and grow, confident that the powerful processor can handle complex applications and keep your operations connected even as your needs or technologies evolve.

Key Benefits:

  • High-Performance, Real-Time Processing for Complex Control and Automation Applications
  • Robust Communication Media and Protocol Support for Greater Interoperability
  • MDLC Protocol Support for More Efficient Data Communication over Narrowband or Broadband
  • Enhanced Security Features Internationally Tested and Certified

High-Performance, Real-Time Processing Power

Whether caused by a storm, theft or just aging infrastructure, disruptions to performance and the inability to pinpoint abnormalities decreases your productivity and can put personnel in harm’s way. The ACE3600’s processing power provides accurate data analysis and communication for the most critical, and demanding SCADA applications to ensure optimal operation.

Versatile Communications Capabilities

You want every opportunity to save money and optimize performance. The ACE3600 RTU is designed to use a variety of digital and analog interfaces so you are never locked into proprietary solutions. This flexible communications capability enables the ACE3600 to connect with several local devices, analyze the data and send that information to various other locations. Data transmission and processing is supported simultaneously across multiple communication media and industry standard data protocols including MODBUS, M-OPC, DNP 3 and IEC60870-5-101.

Enhanced Security

Apply the same state-of-the-art security features that Motorola provides for military and critical enterprise networks to your SCADA systems.

Motorola ACE3600 Downloads

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