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The Key Differentiator

Our 25 years of experience and dedication to excellence brings value to our customers. This value lies in our ability to offer the most complete array of services available, including: local support, value analysis, program management, system integration, coverage studies, financial services, and our support center.

Equipment Repair

As an authorized Motorola Solutions Service Elite Specialist we maintain a team of certified, manufacturer trained technicians to install, repair and optimize... Learn More

Equipment Leasing

We offer short-term and long-term leasing programs to help with the capital expense of your next two-way radio system purchase... Learn More

Two-Way Radio Rentals

Have a special event, plant turn-around or busy season coming up where you need extra two-way radios, but don't want to purchase them to only have them... Learn More

Maintenance Contracts

Put your Motorola communication equipment on a Maintenance Agreement and Save Time and Money before it's too late... Learn More

System Management

Managing a wireless network is a big job, but it doesn't have to be your job. Learn more about our System Management service... Learn More

FCC Licensing

FCC licenses are typically good for 10 years. Each license has an expiration date on it. If you have an expiration coming up within the next few months, let us... Learn More

Warranty Information

Protect these radios against normal wear and tear and more with Service from the Start – one of the most extensive service offerings available... Learn More

GPS Tracking

Metro Communications is excited to introduce a new solution for effective real-time tracking of vehicles, people, and assets! In combination... Learn More

Radio & Device Management

For organizations and agencies who rely on two-way radios for critical, real-time communications performance cannot be compromised... Learn More

Our Certifications

Learn more about Metro Communications certifications and training...

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