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Motorola APX NEXT Two-Way Smart Radio

P25 Operation | All-Band | Ultra Connectivity | Touchscreen

motorola apx Next

In Public Safety, Focus Is Your Greatest Resource. Make Sure It’s Protected with APX Next™

A Massive Advance in Mission-Critical Voice and Data
Your radio is your lifeline. APX NEXT is our next step in advancing it. It’s designed to military standards for extreme ruggedness. The touchscreen works with or without gloves—in rain, dirt, and dust. Digital mics and high-power speakers deliver our best audio ever, while SmartConnect keeps you connected even beyond your P25 system. The result is a radio that works when you need it, without pause, distraction or doubt.

Effortless is Always in Reach
APX NEXT is designed for effortless usability when everything is on the line. Intuitive knobs and buttons are easily distinguished by touch. A mission-critical touchscreen makes it fast and easy to operate your radio. ViQi understands a huge range of natural language voice commands, so you can operate the radio with eyes-up awareness. Every interaction is simple, fast and logical. You stay focused on what matters—your mission and your safety.

Bring New Intelligence to the Point of Engagement
APX NEXT mission-critical apps bring new intelligence to the field. ViQi enables natural language database queries, rapidly giving vital information, and letting dispatchers stay focused on critical situations. And as part of our unique, end-to-end public safety ecosystem, APX NEXT data and operations are secure, and new capabilities can be seamlessly added as your needs evolve.

ViQi Voice Control
Operate your radio using simple voice commands.

While it’s easy to change settings on your APX NEXT™ radio using the traditional hard controls or the touchscreen soft controls, there are situations where you need to keep your eyes up and stay focused on your environment.

Using ViQi Voice Control, you can operate the radio with your voice. From switching channel and zone, to adjusting the volume, to changing your audio profile, all you need to do is press and hold the ViQi button, and speak into the mic.

There are 13 available actions, each accessible using several intuitive commands. With multiple options, you’ll find a ViQi command to suit you.

ViQi Voice Control is optimized for public safety situations, and performs well in high-noise environments. The 3-dot buttons on the APX NEXT radio and RSM are configured as the ViQi button by default. Through RadioCentral™, the ViQi function can be assigned to any other programmable control except the purple “monitor” button.

Motorola APX NEXT Features

  • LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for ultra-connectivity
  • Designed and tested for extreme ruggedness
  • Mission-critical all-weather touchscreen
  • Application platform, for advanced capabilities
  • Enhanced audio for louder, clearer voice
  • The power to endure: 12 hours of battery life
  • New antennas improve comfort and wearability
  • Exceptional ergonomics, for high-stress situations

Motorola APX NEXT Featured Applications

ViQi Virtual Assistant
With ViQi at your side, it’s faster and easier to run routine database queries. Dispatchers can focus on responding to the most critical situations. And the intelligence that keeps responders safe is moved to the field, faster than ever.

Stay connected to your P25 radio system even when outside of P25 coverage. SmartConnect maintains your P25 voice and data communications by automatically switching between P25 and broadband.

Your officers never need to be alone, even while on lone patrol. SmartLocate on APX NEXT provides location updates every few seconds, so you always know where your team is, while freeing critical capacity of your P25 system for other uses.

Empower your firefighters to collaborate and coordinate better. Find your location. Find other first responders, view their status, and tap to communicate.

A multimedia public safety communication tool that runs on your APX NEXT. It's a secure and convenient way to share texts, images, videos and voicenotes across your extended team. Communicate. Share. Collaborate.

Your radios should be in the field, not in the shop. SmartProgramming enables you to update your APX NEXT radios with zero touch. Encryption keys and software patches can be automatically pushed via broadband.

Motorola APX NEXT Accessories

Featured APX NEXT Smart Radio Accessories
Expand and customize your radio’s functionality with a suite of accessories designed and optimized for APX NEXT so you can focus forward.

XV Remote Speaker Microphone
With four digital microphones and the largest, clearest speaker we’ve ever produced, the Xtreme Voice (XV) Remote Speaker Microphone is the next generation mission-critical RSM designed to deliver the clearest and loudest audio communications. 

Leather Carry Case
The professional elegance of formed leather complemented with a durable, impact-resistant plastic unite to provide a never before seen carry solution for APX NEXT. 

IMPRES™ 2 High Capacity Battery
You may run out of energy before your battery does! Powered by IMPRES™ 2 batteries augmented with energy management intelligence, APX NEXT extends your lifeline a full shift or beyond.

View the Motorola Original Accessories for the Motorola APX NEXT

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