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GPS Tracking Benefits

Increased ROI For Your Company

  • Our internet-based tracking system gives you full access, full control, anywhere from any device
  • By being able to monitor driver behavior, on average our customers enjoy:
    • A 40% reduction in speeding and a 45% reduction in at-fault accidents*
    • An impact in fuel efficiency as much as 33%*
    • A reduction of 10 – 15% in overtime costs and an increase in productivity*
    • A 15-20% Increase in Vehicle Utilization*
    • A 20-30% Reduction in Vehicle Idle Time* - If your vehicles are excessively idling, you’re spending fuel costs at a rate of one(1)+ gallon per hour of idling.
  • If your $50,000 truck gets stolen, we can help locate it for you.
  • If an employee is using your company vehicle for side jobs, that equates to potential loss of revenue to your company, and more wear and tear on the vehicle with no return.

Be More Profitable

  • With reduced wear and tear on your vehicles. You can:
    • Eliminate all unauthorized driving
    • Utilize driving tools to cut down on unnecessary mileage driven and use our dispatching feature to find the closest vehicle to a client location.
    • Track all your scheduled maintenance required for the vehicles and be alerted when tasks are due, allowing you to minimize out-of-service time and avoid the larger problems that will be caused by late or forgotten service.
    • Decrease your overall liability.
    • You can ensure vehicles are not going places that will tarnish your reputation as a company as well as eliminate off-hours liability exposure.
    • Can create and enforce speeding policies to possibly reduce accidents and negative attention in the community.
    • Having live anti-theft protection on each of your vehicles gives you a peace of mind.
    • Often reduce your vehicle insurance, up to 15%, and workers’ compensation premiums– something you can check with your provider.

Other Benefits

  • Maintain a positive reputation with safer drivers
  • An efficient fleet helps you stay competitive
  • Support operations through better routing
  • Customer retention through great customer service and efficiency
  • Streamline workflow by reducing manual processes
  • Provide reliable services through consistent maintenance

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