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Unication Pager FAQs

What systems do the G4 and G5 support?

The G4 supports multiple P25 systems, including Conventional, P25 Trunking, and P25 Conventional. The G5 supports everything the G4 supports in addition to 2 Tone, 5 Tone and MDC 1200 on either of its two bands.

They Support:

  • Multiple IDs
  • 2 Tone, 5 Tone and MDC 1200 (G5 Only)
  • Site Trunking
  • Full Spectrum Scan
  • Linear Simulcast Modulation for Simulcast Applications
  • Priority TGIDs
  • Multi-select
  • 800MHz, 20kHz channel spacing and 4kHz deviation for Direct mode communications

Can the G4/5 "scan" a defined trunking frequency (Example: 855.9875, 856.2625, 857.2625, 858.2625)?

If so, can you scan defined TALKGROUPS on those frequencies? Yes, TGIDs are assigned along with the Control Channels and Site Information (site information is used to further validate that the pager is assigned to that site(s) in situations where Control Channels are reused in the network). The G4/5 can be pre-programmed with Control Channels and, when first turned on, will scan for the active Control Channel. Once it is on an active Control Channel it stays there until the Bit Error Rate exceeds a predetermined value.

Can the G5, in 2 Tone mode, replace my Minitor?

Absolutely. The G5 does everything the Minitor does and much, much more. The G5 supports many more RF Channels, with and without PL/DPL, and 2 Tone IDs than the Minitor. With an eight position Selector Knob switch one can configure the G5 for more configurations. And, being IP67 (water and dust proof) and designed for rugged Public Safety environments the G5 ensures reliable operation.

Will the G4/5 work on VHF or UHF Trunked Systems?

Yes, the receiver covers a fairly broad band that should cover the Control and Traffic Channel frequency range.

Do the G - Series pagers support P25 Phase I and Phase II?

Yes! In August of 2018, Unication added Phase II to all devices with Firmware release V1.1. This Phase II release is backwards compatible with Phase I, so all devices are now Phase I and Phase II compatible.

Unication P25 Pagers

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